Make your own stuffed animal


And best of all… I come to you!!!


Choose an un-stuffed cuddly friend, stuff it, make a wish
and insert a star, name it, dress it and love it forever!


Because I’m a traveling “Stuff-N-Fluff” Workshop, it is easy and convenient
for me to “set up shop” at any and all event!


Birthday Paties ~ Daycares ~ Pre-Scholls ~ Schols ~ Girl Guides/Scouts
Children’s play group ~ Library story time ~ Mommy & me groups
Women’s organizations ~ Park districts programs ~ Church groups
Retirement communities ~ Senior citizen centers ~ Sport teams
Corporate events ~ Summer camps ~ Children’s Hospitals ~ and More!


The Workshop is designed to stimulate imagination, inspiration
and love and providing a memorable, hands-on activity.
Children of all ages experience the fun and joy of creating their very own stuffed animal from start to finish.


During a Workshop, children choose an “un-stuffed” cuddly friend, hand-stuff it (no machines), “wish upon” and insert a star, name their new animal, create a customized birth certificate and personalize a take home bag.
There are also many great outfits and accessories available!



Join me



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